Enterprise Resource Planning System(ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning System. It is a corporate system that manage daily business transactions of PBTS from Sales Quotation, Customer PO, BOM until Project Completion. It is designed to be used by multiple users of different Business Units. 


  • Improved Efficiency : ERP systems streamline business processes, reducing manual efforts and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Centralized Data : ERP provides a unified platform for data, ensuring consistency and real-time access across different business units. 3. Cost 
  • Savings : By optimizing workflows and automating tasks, ERP systems contribute to cost reduction in terms of time and resources. 4. Enhanced 
  • Reporting : ERP systems offer robust reporting tools, enabling better decision-making through accurate and timely data analysis.
  • Scalability : ERP solutions provide a scalable framework that can adapt to the growing needs of a business, supporting expansion and changing requirements


Toyota Andon System. A visual aid that highlights where action is required. It is a typical tool in applying the autonomation, principle, which means highlighting a problem as it occurs in order to immediately countermeasure the issue and prevent re-occurrence.


  • Real-time Remote Display
  • Auto Data and System Logging
  • LAN and Wireless Connection
  • Export Facility for Data Retrieval


System Features:

  •  Real Time Display of Actual Noise Level
  •  Noise Level Alert Display
  •  Wired Connectivity thru PC and Data Acquisition Device
  •  Data Logging
  •  Highly Configurable System
  •  Graphical Display of Actual Noise Data
  •  Data Export Facility


A PC-based data acquisition system,  delivering unparallel performance. When combined  top of the line ADAM Technology we guarantee you a high quality Data Acquisition System with multi channel capability and offers the ultimate in measurement power.

Basic Features:

  •   User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  •   Real-time Monitoring for High Temperature Machine
  •   Real-Time Machine Profiling and Data Acquisition System

Production Progress Monitoring System

System Features

  • Window based application.
  • Automatic computation based on PLAN of Cycle Time.
  • Automatic input of cumulative running time from start  of SHIFT less stop time and break time for the whole SHIFT of Run Time.
  • Compute Total line stops due to equipment trouble or emergency cases.
  • Automatic compute total line stops due to late process after set cycle time of Process Delay.
  • Generate Log History
  • User access level security

Turnstile and ESD Access Monitoring System


  • Compatible with all Windows Operating Systems
  • Monitor  Attendance and Breaktime In and Out
  • Employee Time In/Out Record Reports Available
  • Data Synchronization Between Personnel Databases
  • Integrated Security system (configurable RF)  
  • Enroll allowable access per RF Badge 
  • Records In/Out Data-Controlled Flap Barrier (will only open once PASSED result is achieved)


ESD Monitoring System validates and records RF Badge and electro static discharge result of all personnel’s (employee, customers, contractors and suppliers) footwear and wrist strap devices in turnstile approach. The turnstile will open once employee is allowed to a specific area at the same time if PASSED the ESD checking based on defined acceptable range. This complete fixture is placed before approaching the gowning or production area.


Automated Burn In Board Signal Checker

System Features

  • Window based application
  • Tester Voltage, Frequency and Duty Cycle
  • Automatic display test result
  • Display BIB map test result
  • Generate test log history
  • Compute test statistic
  • Display test socket PASS/FAIL result
  • Configurable Parameter Settings
  • User Access Level


Clean Room Monitoring System

Clean Room Monitoring System is an application that able to monitor temperature, humidity and dust particle detract from product quality through particle sensor device. It uses line chart to layout data read came from Particle and Thermo sensor device.

System Features

  • User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • View logs and able to export to excel file.
  • Alarm Status
  • Auto stop control
  • User can design the actual position of machine to the application


Auto Data Transfer System

System Features

  • Auto Data Transfer from Device to PC (Interface System from identified Test Devices)
  • Display of PASS / FAIL result by comparing Actual Values vs Min/Max values per device 
  • Logging of Lot, Device, WO and User Information 
  • Generation of Logs based on actual transaction with Export Facility (MS Excel)


Virtual Profiling System

A PC-based data acquisition system,  delivering unparallel performance. When combined top of the line Advantech Technology we guarantee you a high quality Data Acquisition System with multi channel capability and offers the ultimate in measurement power.

Basic Features

  •   User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  •   Real-time Monitoring for High Temperature Machine.
  •   Real-Time Machine Profiling and Data Acquisition System.
  •   Precise and Accurate Monitoring System
  •   Profile History Browsing with Graph Scale Reports. 
  •   Flexible System Configuration
  •   Versatile PC Based Software Options
  •   Multi channel Monitoring capability


  •   No manual system on profiling
  •   All Process are virtually done
  •   Set Auto Monitoring or Scheduled Monitoring
  •   History tracking of Virtual Profiled Data



  •  Access to display of real-time measurements, historical logs, customizable graphics, trends, captured waveforms 
  •  Generated reports are exported to Microsoft Excel for easy data access and custom reporting.

Vision Integration System


  •  Customized Lot Details and validation algorithm based on customer’s requirements. 
  •  Barcode scanning of Lot Traveller card
  •  Recipe Management
  •  Automatic decoding of OCR information marked on the actual unit
  • Auto-validation of Decoded OCR vs Lot Details (Year, Workweek, Lot# and Lot Part #)


  • Vision Inspection is  embedded to its machine operation
  • Inspection Criteria are as follows: Packet Size,  Left and Right Pitch,
  • Hole Size / Hole Pitch from two Packets
  • Teach Recipe per Package

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Inspection System


  •  Vision Inspection is  integrated to its machine operation
  •  Inspection Criteria are as follows: Missing Ball, Extra Ball, Diameter/ Over or Undersize Ball, Ball Pitch
  •  Teach Recipe per Package
  •  Display PASS/ FAIL  result based on the inspection made
  •  Divert failed units into reject bins
  •  Save all reject image for historical reference
  •  Generate and Export Reports based on customer’s format

Tool Algo System

Tool Algo System is a real time data collection system for repetitive cycle manufacturing (injection molding, blow molding, stamping, etc.). To provide real time data in a organizations to manage their operations with a modest investment of time and money.

Basic Features

  •  Real Time Monitoring (Stroke Count)
  • Machine & Tool Parts Pairing
  • Tool Parts Assembly
  • Machine Tool Assembly
  • Calendar Based Pre-alert of PM cleaning
  • Log the part replacement history per Tool
  • Record and set the tool stroke cleaning per Tool
  • Window Based Application
  • User’s  Access Level


Centralized Productivity Monitoring System is a remote intelligent computer, controlling all the equipments that linked  to it provided that the equipment is GEM Compliant. Most of the equipments features are automatically controlled by a Equipment Controller which includes Recipe Management, Statistic Management, Alarm Management, Report Management.

Basic Features

  • User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Real-time Equipment Status Reporting.
  • Barcode Authentication on Recipe Download and Upload.
  • Remote  Equipment Control
  • Multi-level Security. 
  • SEMI SECS/GEM compliant.


System Architecture:
CCTV Camera System is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors.  It is a business management tool offering:

  • Staff Protection
  • Aiding Investigations
  • Security tool to backtrack staff movement to a restricted area