PBTS is expert in the repair of industrial electronic board. We repair board of various kinds and meet customer satisfaction in terms of good quality, competitive cost and prompt delivery.

  • Perform component level repairs on electronic circuit boards and equipment using state-of-the-art test and measuring equipment.
  • Do in-circuit/system modification for obsolete products.
  • Do CPU hardware and operating system upgrade.
  • Provide onsite technical support to repair PIN/PE CARD, LOAD BOARD and BURN-IN BOARD for semiconductor test plant.
  • Provide onsite technical support to repair assembly equipment for semiconductor assembly and other industrial plant.


Specialized in the repair of industrial electronic printed circuit boards.


  • Motion Controller
  • CPU/Microcontroller Base
  • Servo Driver
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Boards
  • Switching Power Supply

Benefits of Considering Local Board Repair (PBTS) Support

IMPROVEMENT on Repair Response and Lead-time:
Considering local support, all defective tester pin cards/board specially the urgent one will be attended with fast response and put on top priority.

Much Effective Troubleshooting and Repair activity
Failure history and actual problem encountered on every defective board shall be analyzed accordingly and effectively by our BR technician. Root cause and failure contributor or defective boards would be easily identified.

Reliable Board Restoration Activity
Functional testing will be perform immediately and reliability on every repaired board will be monitored and measured. 


PCB Engineering is open for Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Repair Service contract based on customer’s needs. Rehabilitation of scrap IC test Socket, Test Boards were also offered and Technical Engineering Support. Following are other capabilities that we can offer.

  • PCB Repair/Restoration Capability (Traces & Pads Rehabilitation)
  • Test IC Socket Rehabilitation
  • Burn-in board Maintenance (replacement/repair/rework)
  • PCB Layout Design and Manufacturing
  • Technical Engineering & Equipment Support On-Site (Assembly to Test)


Can restore Load Boards/DUT Boards or boards which trace was damaged, peel off or gave deep scratches. Also can help to restore those cuts, damaged or missing pads. Restore into good condition.